Instructions for Solicitor Victim Impact Statement

The Victim Impact Statement is a form used by the Solicitor’s Office to gather information about how you have been impacted as a victim, if you are in need of assistance and how you feel about your case.  It documents the amount of medical and other expenses associated with any physical injuries and property loss as a result of a crime.  Please attach copies of medical bills and expenses and list all items taken, their values, and the amount of damages with estimates and insurance payments.  You must complete the Victim Impact Statement in as much detail as possible.

Next, indicate whether you wish to be notified of court proceedings. You have a constitutional right to be notified of and participate in your case proceedings.  You may waive this right by indicating so on the form in the space provided.  If you request notification, your case will not proceed until a reasonable attempt to notify you has been made.

The form asks questions about the crime and its effect on you physically, financially and emotionally.  Take your time, read each question carefully and give a detailed answer to the ones that apply to your circumstance.  

Be sure to complete the Victim Impact Statement and upload your ID to the online form. 

Under South Carolina law, you have the responsibility as a victim to provide correct and complete information regarding your case. Failure to complete the Victim Impact Statement, notify the office of your correct address and phone number or respond to notices about your case may jeopardize your rights as a victim.

The Victim Impact Statement is permanent part of the case record and is provided confidentially to post-conviction agencies for future contact with you about incarceration, probation status or parole eligibility.

The Victim Impact Statement is your voice without your presence.